I Hate Having Carers: A Rant

It’s been a bad week. On Tuesday I had to bring up issues with two of my carers, something which inevitably produces fun anxiety symptoms like tummy problems, pins and needles in my hands, constant rocking in an attempt to self-soothe, and an inability to rest. It’s so frustrating. These are not big issues, yet … Continue reading I Hate Having Carers: A Rant

Why Can’t I Just Ask For Stuff?

It should be easy but it's not. I’ve got other things to write about but this has been bugging me. Why can’t I just ask for stuff? On the face of it it’s simple, but really it isn’t. It’s so complicated that often it just becomes impossible. It’s been a problem with me for, like, … Continue reading Why Can’t I Just Ask For Stuff?

I’m Back – And I’m Tired!

In which I ramble about the last three months (nearly). It doesn’t seem like such a long time not to be posting, but it’s been strangely hard to get back into writing here. So in this post I’m not talking about any topic in particular, but just making a summary of what’s been going on … Continue reading I’m Back – And I’m Tired!

When You Call Me Strong, Who Do You Think Is Weak?

People tell me I’m strong all the time and it always bothered me in that small squirmy way where you aren't quite sure why you dislike the thing, just that you do. Here, I’ve finally thought my way through the problem and discovered that there are a few reasons I am uncomfortable with being called … Continue reading When You Call Me Strong, Who Do You Think Is Weak?