Living With ME: Priorities

A few years ago I met a young woman. She seemed very amiable and we met up a few times after I’d moved to a more northern city. I realised that she was in fact a prat when she made this remark about a person with ME/CFS: “She annoys me because she only makes the … Continue reading Living With ME: Priorities

Living With ME: A Good Day

It's ME Awareness week right now, so here's a very simple description of what one day is like for me with ME/CFS. This turned out to be a really good day, one of my best. They happen pretty rarely but they're great when they do come round. 10.30 – I wake up from a very … Continue reading Living With ME: A Good Day


New Year’s Resolutions: are you a maker, a breaker, or a faker? Or are you like me and just don’t make them at all? I have made them. I went through a phase in my later teens when I’d make myself a wonderful little list, which I then proceeded to ignore entirely without guilt or … Continue reading Unresolved